Thursday, December 21, 2006

"Nara City Ayameike Gakuenminami " Regional appeal

Let's shine Article 9 from this region "Nara City Ayameike Gakuenminami "to the world.

The appeal for "Association of Article 9" by nine people June, 2004 such as Inoue eaves on the tenth, Takeshi Umehara, Kenzaburo Oe, Yasuhiro Okudaira, the Oda truth, Shuichi Kato, Sawati Hisae, Tsurumi assistants, and Mutsuko Miki was announced. We agree sincerely to this appeal "Article 9 of the constitution wants to shine to the world that moves violently again for the citizens in the world where peace is requested to tie to the hand it".

Old Town Nara has rich nature and a historical inheritance including a lot of cultural
heritages registered in World Heritage.
Defend the inheritance.
And, let's tell it at posterity.
Defend Constitution of Japan Article 9 that sings "Do not fight" from this Nara for that.
Then the voice.., are not you thoroughly to shine Constitution of Japan Article 9 to
the world?

How the solution of the dispute by military power is unreal is clarified recently more and more. We only do not live in "Nara City Ayameike Gakuenminami "region in the pond educational institution south, and call the appeal for "Association of Article 9" ..everybody of work.. as can the agreement.
And, one person one can do to prevent the plan of "Amendment of the constitution" that changes Japan into the country that fights again, and it appeals sincerely for all efforts to be started right now.

We know. Regrettable to have died even if some 10 million people wanted to live by you in a previous great war. There are neither a victor nor a loser in the war.

We know. Fight to no permission of the deterioration of Article 9 of "Peace is defended"
constitution important now.

We "Nara City Ayameike Gakuenminami "call for the agreement from the region in the pond educational
institution south to "Association of Article 9" appeal.

The agreement of holding fast to the Constitution of Japan above sentence and
Article 9 like the current state is expanded.

People of many tie to the hand exceeding unlike all standpoints for that.

We determined to work on the business to create the peaceful future.


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